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She can is discovered by Sneha, A wife, Mother and a working woman. Sneha has all the skills required to make you take charge of the wheels and make driving a fun experience rather than a nightmare.

Are you tired of waiting for your driver not reporting on time?

Can you trust your driver with the petrol bill manipulation? (with the petrol prices touching the sky)

Have you missed your most important presentation in office because your driver did not report on time or you couldn’t find an autorickshaw?

Are you still dependent on your spouse to take you out for that long drive?

Are you scared to travel with your driver at late nights on lonely highways?

Are you tired of those men  passing by making statement like ” Tum Lady Drivers ko license kisne diya ?"

Women achievers: 1905 :Suzanne RD Tata becomes the first Indian woman to drive a car              1951 : Prem Mathur becomes the first Indian woman commercial pilot of the Deccan Airways.            1966 :Captain Durga Banerjee becomes the first Indian woman pilot of the state airline, Indian Airlines.                1997: Kalpana Chawla becomes the first India-born woman to go into space.                 1994 : Harita Kaur Deol becomes the first Indian woman pilot in the Indian Air Force (IAF), on a solo flight.             Lets prove something to ourselves! Lets begin our JOYFUL JOURNEY.      
" SCD is specialized in teaching women how to drive defensively and confidently in a safe environment.

Empowers women who face prejudice for their Age, Ethnic. Religion or just the fear of being behind a wheel. "

We don’t train! We educate!

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