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Beginners Course :
Knowing your gears Busy Street Driving
Clutch and brake operation Signals and road signs
Driving all gears Reverse driving
Know your car Half Clutch Operation While on Slope
Driving while a/c on Parking
Half Clutch practice Knowing when to change gears without looking at the speedometer
Narrow lane exit Parking in between cars
One hand driving Obeserving traffic by rear view mirror and side mirror while driving
Night driving . Upper and Dipper correct usage Revision
Slope driving. Example, on ghats with lower gear training Lane change with safety norms
Reverse 8 Back straight position
Reverse Driving Know your car
No honking business Demo of car tyre change and do it yourself
Enjoying while you drive Long distance driving
Confident driving Night driving
Left side overtake    

Women achievers: 1905 :Suzanne RD Tata becomes the first Indian woman to drive a car              1951 : Prem Mathur becomes the first Indian woman commercial pilot of the Deccan Airways.            1966 :Captain Durga Banerjee becomes the first Indian woman pilot of the state airline, Indian Airlines.                1997: Kalpana Chawla becomes the first India-born woman to go into space.                 1994 : Harita Kaur Deol becomes the first Indian woman pilot in the Indian Air Force (IAF), on a solo flight.             Lets prove something to ourselves! Lets begin our JOYFUL JOURNEY.      
" SCD   is specialized in teaching women how to drive defensively and confidently in a safe environment.

Empowers women who face prejudice for their Age, Ethnic. Religion or just the fear of being behind a wheel. "

We don’t train! We educate!

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